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About Adrienne McLean and Amplify Results

Adrienne McLean BSc Hons (Syd) , DTM, MIML, the Principal of Amplify Results

Helping Service Professionals to grow their business so they can enjoy the rewards of their hard work.

Adrienne brings a depth of knowledge with experience with family business, management, business systems, research and development, marketing, sales, continuous improvement and specialities in presentation skills, video, radio, podcasting, public speaking, social media & event management.
With these skills, Adrienne helps professionals with marketing, sales, implement systems & processes with practical approaches and make significant growth in their business.

Service Professionals are experts in their field, love doing the work they bring to their world ,however, growing the business cannot always be as simple as first thought. That is when Amplify Results can be help Service Professionals with business development and marketing. ​

Amplify Results helps Business Owners, Marketing Managers & Business Development Managers, typically in Service based professions, by delivering a structure to grow their business.  By implementing the approach, the results are increased business & profitability, reduced stress of running the business , better quality of life and the rewards of their hard work can be enjoyed.

Service Professionals are experts at their discipline but when it comes to the business side of growing the business, this can be extremely challenging and stressful. Depending on the level of their skills determines the success of the business.

Amplify Results works with our clients to get more clients. We do this by:

1. Identifying where the company is up to with marketing & sales, where it wants to go and the steps that are required to get there.

2. Implementing a powerful and proven business building approach, BookYourselfSolid®. 

3. Following a Continuous Improvement approach for change management

4. Developing Business Skills – Marketing skills, Marketing Planning &  90 day Planning program, Sales workshops, Presentation Skills workshops, Digital Marketing workshops, Speaking to Camera & Video workshops

5. Most importantly, Amplify Results has a proactive & “hands on” approach. If you would like, we will help you get the work done. Our approach is to assist and support our clients through the business development journey.

Adrienne McLean is a proud member of the Hornsby Chamber of Commerce and the N.S.W. Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Managers and Leaders &  Toastmasters International. 

In Jan, 2015, Adrienne McLean was awarded as a BookYourselfSolid® Certified Coach & licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid® system, created by Michael Port, based on his mega best-selling book, Book Yourself Solid®. In 2009, Adrienne McLean was awarded as an Internationally Accredited SpeakersTrainingCamp® Instructor created by Sue Gaulke, based on her book 101 Ways to Captivate a Business Audience. The SpeakersTrainingCamp® has been presented to Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years.  Adrienne was awarded her Distinguished Toastmasters award in 2012. 


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