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Who and how we help

Amplify Results  specialises in providing valuable assistance to the unique needs of family-run enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses in the B2B sector.
Areas addressed are business development, marketing, productivity and profitability improvement along with compliance to quality standards. 

Facing these types of challenges?

  Difficulty with generating leads that turn into clients?

  Not enough marketing and sales activities are being done ?

  Not keeping in touch with customers & prospects systematically?

  Want to differentiate yourself in a competitive market?

  Find sales an issue?

   Are you spending a lot of time fighting fires?  

Are you looking for?

Increased visibility
Generating quality leads with regular referrals
A robust lead generation system
Consistent execution of marketing
 Want to build a strong reputation of trust and credibility
Looking for assistance with systematic online approaches
 Needing help with skills, accountability & implementation

Who does Amplify Results help?

Light manufacturing, typically B2B 

Family run businesses 

Small to Medium size businesses

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Drawing upon her extensive experience in the chemical industry, Adrienne McLean offers tailored solutions aimed at optimising operations, fostering growth, and enhancing overall efficiency.  With a keen understanding of the challenges and dynamics within these business realms, Adrienne is dedicated to supporting and guiding businesses toward success in the light manufacturing landscape. Partner with Adrienne McLean for strategic insights and personalised support tailored to your specific industry needs. 

Adrienne McLean, Amplify Results Principal, helps companies  with expertise in business development, marketing, and business process, including, ISO compliance. Addressing challenges from failures to growth. 

With a foundation in a family business and a corporate career in the chemical industry, Adrienne is uniquely skilled in driving improvement and growth to bring transformative success in a dynamic business landscape. 

Adrienne has honed her public speaking skills for strategic marketing, including podcasting, speaking to camera, radio, and event promotions which can assist you to increase visibility. This work can help you create impactful branding videos, sales presentations, and strategic social media. 

Elevate your brand with Adrienne’s versatile business improvement and communication prowess.