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Sales and Scale

We believe helping professionals to get ahead is priceless. We are dedicated to helping Service Professionals to get out of their comfort zone to achieve and succeed .

Sales and Scale offers businesses solutions to their challenges. We have a list of specialists who work for themselves who can help SME, Startups and larger companies. Our specialists have extensive corporate experience, are now working for themselves and wanting to connect with businesses looking for their expertise.

Amplify Results – Sales and Scale offers Sales specialists to promote your business and bring in the sales.

One of the biggest challenges that businesses find is to ask for the sale. The Amplify Results – Sales and Scale Sales executives take the difficulty out of getting the sales.

Our Amplify Results – Sales and Scale Sales executives – 

  • Making outbound cold calls to prospects
  • Opening up new accounts
  • Closing the sale
  • Taking orders and process with office for payment and dispatchment of goods
  • Following up with existing customers on a regular basis
  • Sales and account management 
  • Good communication skills
  • Good relationship building skills
  • Like talking to people
  • Great phone skills
  • Want to help others
  • Want to win and be the best

What is the cost? 

Registration:  $500 + GST

Registration gets your business into our system.

You will be asked –
– to complete a detailed questionaire about your business.
– you will have a meeting with Amplify Results – Sales and Scale Sales executive
– monthly check in meetings

For each sale, there is a 30% fee. That is a flat fee that brings in the business and saves you , the business owner, the stress of finding the business.