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Our Services

Amplify Results helps Service Professionals to build & grow a business.
We help with marketing, personal selling & getting the sale across the line. 

We also  help with the personal skills – being able to confidently express yourself, how to have sales conversations & systemisation of processes – all these skills help you to get more clients and bring in the business. 

How do we help our clients?


Amplify Results helps Service Professionals with training programs to navigate the business development process from starting with a prospect through to closing the sale.

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Mentoring gives vital support to help the business owner get to the next level. Accountability & coaching along the business journey gives specialised assistance to help the business grow.

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Marketing Solutions & Implementation

Your business is growing but you haven’t got enough hours in the day. Or, changes are required to get more clients.
We can help to take the pressure off and get the tasks done to increase visibility & grow.

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