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Marketing Skills for Professionals

Are you doing marketing but it isn’t working?

Are you a highly skilled professional but struggling to find business?

Have you been so preoccupied with all the other business activities and simply don’t do enough marketing?

Are you wanting to grow your business and make progress?

Are you wanting to understand the Lead generation process?

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, then Marketing Skills for Professionals is a must!

Marketing Skills for Professionals handles the following –

  • How marketing actually works
  • The 2 Philosophical principles and the 1 Practical principle of the International marketing system BookYourselfSolid.
  • Step by Step through the BookYourselfSolid business building system
  • The business foundation that must be in place for your marketing to work consistently
  • Why people buy what your selling
  • How to talk about what you do
  • How to build trust and credibility
  • Pricing and Sales conversations
  • The 6 Core Self Promotion strategies – known as “Marketing”
  • Lead generation and the digital tools to assist.

If you are:
✔︎ Wanting to grow your business and have your marketing work
✔︎Needing to get more clients, make more money and would like to have some fun
✔︎ Some accountability to get around those roadblocks
✔︎ Want to get better and better
✔︎ Yearning for some support and encouragement
✔︎ Wanting to connect with like-minded people in a professional setting

Here’s some Testimonials –  

The work done with Adrienne has enabled me to get that contract that I didn’t think I’d get!

Keeping accountable is important and Adrienne does this with a very supportive approach.

My fears were validated, the approach gives a valuable structure and I came out of the workshop on a high – I’m energised to do the marketing that needs to be done and much more!

Adrienne McLean is a certified BookYourselfSolid coach and specialises in marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and sales.
Amplified Results is a division of The Speakers Practice. You can contact Adrienne on or ring 0414 367 960.