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The Amplify Results programs are all designed to help Service Professionals  –

  1. Promote & market themselves and their business
  2. Have a framework to market their products and services
  3. Accountable to getting those activities done
  4. A signature speech and are confident to speak in front of groups
  5. Be up to date with current marketing techniques

Amplify Results  has the following programs to achieve these outcomes –

1. Marketing Skills for Professionals – is a masterclass for Service Professionals in how marketing works and gives the Service Professional the opportunity to put their business into the business development and marketing system “BookYourselfSolid” – identified is what is working, what needs addressing and the action points to work on. This is truely working “On” your business NOT in your business.

2. BookYourselfSolid Online Marketing Masterclass – this 5 week program takes Service Professionals and people thinking of starting a business through the powerful marketing system “BookYourselfSolid”. This workshop goes through the methodology and has exercises to really help you work on your marketing, look at what is working, what needs addressing and what can be implemented to increase visibility and awareness of your business.

3. Technology and Digital Marketing for Professionals – this program is for Service Professionals that find the new world of social media and digital marketing challenging. Attendees need to bring along their laptops or tablets, connect to the internet (complimentary) and then undertake an audit of their business. We discuss ways of increasing visibility and awareness of your business via the internet. This is another example of working “On” your business NOT in your business.

4. Marketing Plan Masterclass – this program goes through the Australian government Marketing plan and explains each segment. Attendees work on preparing a marketing plan for their business

5. Presentation Skills for Professionals – is a Presentation Skills masterclass – for Service Professionals wanting to build their confidence in public speaking and confidently get up and present in front of groups. The prestigious presentation skills workshop , the SpeakersTrainingCamp is the program followed – the same as presented by SuccessWorksUSA– an energetic group is established achieving amazing presentations.

The Technology and Digital Marketing for Professionals workshop was a great day filled with lots of information and tips to work on and challenge the mind to bring my marketing to the next level.