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We love small businesses and understand the need to have systems for everything.

We help our Mentoring clients to  develop a way to consistently market while being able to serve the clients you have.

Consistent marketing + systems and processes = a great business.

That’s what we are all about, helping you bring your dreams into reality.

Less sleepless nights worrying about how to get clients or how to service the ones you have.  And more fun in everything you do.

Opportunities and mentoring on marketing tools –

eg creating a webinar, a video, a blog, online programs, using CRM and Email Management tools, lead generation, event planning and running, & much more.

  • Continuous Improvement and Implementation – designed for each business – looks at where the inefficience/s are and what needs to be done to improve then implements desired changel.
  • Business Success Strategies – guide you through the process of creating an online webinar with TSP and AMCL.combranding –
  • Create video for Youtube,
  • Create a podcast and go through process of starting an account and uploading in to ITunes
  • Create a blog using wordpress site
  • Online Training Program – create training program, video, supporting documents for online program.
  • CRM and Email marketing tools
  • Lead generation 
  • Event planning and running
  • prepare social media platforms suitable for your target market
  • assist with posting
  • Pay per Click advertising
  • conference speakingWhen booking into our mentoring program – the 3 months program is the starting program. The cost is $1000 +GST per month for a personalised program.