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How can an Amplify Results Activation  help an enterprise?

If you run your own business, you want to grow – how is your business development work done?

So there’s not enough hours in the day, you’re working long hours and could be some inefficiencies in your business and processes that if looked at could be improved and made more efficient helping you make more money.

You’re wanting more clients, more income and want to grow. You are lacking time, overwhelmed and simply there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Staff are doing their part but really some important business decisions are needed and you’re running around putting out fires!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had some one willing to roll up their sleeves and help you?  Someone who can look at what needs to be done and sets about and gets it done?

Wouldn’t that be so good?

Well that is how Amplify Results can assist.

Amplify Results offers highly skilled professionals who have a unique set of skills across business development, marketing, digital marketing, sales system and process improvement. This professional will be your right hand aid identifying what is needed to be done and rolling those sleeves up and doing it.

We are not offering coaching here, and not someone who does an assessment, leaves you with a report and the report sits on the shelf never implemented.

We are offering highly skilled professionals to do those activities to help their clients make major leaps forward to grow their business. Amplify Results has a list of Professionals who can help in the many facets of business development. 

The end result of enlisting Amplify Results to help is :

✔︎ Growth in the bottom line – the business profits will increase dramatically

✔︎ You will be less stressed, starting to address the areas that you wanted to work on but never could , the days wont be filled with so much that you end up overwhelmed not knowing what to do next.

✔︎ Your business processes will run more smoothly, the impact on customer service will be significant – customers will enjoy the service. Projects will get completed.

✔︎ You will be able to feel more connected with your clients and staff and start to enjoy and build bonds wiwthin your community.

✔︎ You will be starting to complete projects and make headway.

Work in the areas of marketing, business growth, business systems, accountability


We will roll up there sleeves and get the jobs done that are needed –

From website upgrades, marketing copy, branding, logo creation, system development, problem solving, Project management from start to completion. 

Discuss a problem with Amplify Results , ask them to get the work done and they will get on and help you get the job done.

The areas Amplify Results can help you with are: 

Business Issue Improvement

– you can ask to address the issue

– an assessment of the issue will be done,

– strategies and plans to improve the situation will be determined.

– the strategies and plans will be actioned

– the issue will be resolved

Project Management 
– as a business owner you may have some big ideas and concepts that will add real value to your business. These improvements just dont get done because of the day to day activities.

You discuss the project with Amplify Results, we will:

– plan out what needs to be done to make it happen

– Other professionals may be brought in who are specialists in their field, depending on the tasks

– The Business owner is involved right along the project

– the project is managed to make it happen!

Process Improvement

A business depends on the systems in place to run efficiently and ultimately make more money. If the systems are out of date, staff dont know the systems, the systems are being followed or if there aren’t clear systems in place – there will be inefficiencies and costs will be higher.

Amplify Results will :

– do an audit will be done on the area that is struggling

– Look at the system will be investigated to see what changes are required

– The system will be documented

– The staff involved will be trained so they understand the new system

– Check that the system is in place and working well.

Marketing and Business Development

Business growth is always on a business owners mind. Implementing marketing or improving marketing will grow the business. With Digital marketing being so important and a website essential as well as more traditional methods of increasing awareness of businesses, implementing a marketing system is valuable.

Digital marketing is a huge part of business today and we have experts to help. 

Sales is another major discipline and sales training is a vital skill. 

Delivery of presentations for Sales or Client discussions in a professional manner, clearly getting your message across. We have professionals who can help both with the delivery and also the visual presentation to maximise the communication of your message. 

So what process does Amplify Results follow?

– an audit will be done on the area that is struggling

– the system will be investigated to see what’s working, what needs improving using the powerful marketing system BookYourselfSolid.

– Tasks will be done to make these improvements

Contact Amplify Results  to make things happen and move forward. Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on for more details.