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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions 

Helping busy businesses with important marketing task to raise awareness!

1.Marketing Discovery Audit

Amplify Results offers a service to look at your marketing and sales process. This audit identifies what is working, what needs addressing and identifies efficient tactics to raise awareness of the business bringing in more prospects. This is typically the first step. For more details see: Marketing Discovery Audit

2. Branding

Your branding reflects you and your business. It’s important to get this right where you reflect your best.Looking at current situation with respect to logo, brand messaging, voice of business, tag line. Identifying any work required and getting this updated. Creating a brand standard for marketing materials – establishing and using the same colour scheme, logo placement, look and feel, setting up a consistent look. 

Be clear on brand promise – your Unique Selling Proposition, and so much more…. 

3. Website – Creation & Maintenance

Websites are the go-to information that prospects and clients need to look at when they need your help. A Website needs to clearly deliver the branding and offerings of the business. 

Amplify Results can help with both stages ensuring you have a website that reflects your business and who you help and how you can solve their requirements. The resulting website is Professional, Informative and speaks to your Prospects and clients. Amplify Results can assist from inception to completion. 

4. Search Engine Optimisation

Once you’ve got your website, you want your business to be able to be found on-line!

By having SEO done on your website, you have your website reaching more and more prospects and leads. This helps to get the phone ringing! 

5. Marketing Strategy

By looking at the areas your business addresses, using some marketing know to raise awareness of your business, real, practical approaches can be designed to get market share and grow the business. 

Amplify Results helps with specific marketing strategies designed to grow your business. 

6. Events

Running events inviting your Target Market, can get people through the door and remembering your business. It is time consuming to run an event – having a helping hand will keep your attention on your business helping your clients. Amplify Results can take on the event. We specialise in running events & connecting with your clients & prospects. Running events positions you as an expert, builds your profile, is a reason to contact clients and builds awareness of your business. 

7. Flyers, Brochures, Content, Blogs & Social Media 

It is important to have flyers and brochures available to hand out to prospects. These display your professionalism & about your business. These build trust with your prospects and gives them something to reflect on. 

Blogs and video for your website and social media help your marketing in so many ways from Google Ranking, having people stay on your website longer , as well as, displaying your business as an expert.

Wanting to have your Social Media platforms highlighting your business but it’s all to complicated? You need someone to help with the Social Media?

Amplify Results will prepare content specifically for your business. Then,  identify the most useful platforms and then implement at Social Media approach to raise awareness of your business online to attract those prospects. 

Amplify Results helps get done those tasks that businesses just simply put off. These tasks are important for raising awareness, a respected profile and brand identity that prospects can trust. 

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