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Circle of Influence

Amplify Results Circle of Influence

The Amplify Results Circles of Influence , are groups of 12 Professionals who meet monthly and get to know each other and their business so they can inter-refer. 

Business development is vital for businesses to grow. There are so many disciplines within Business Development journey and it can become overwhelming for Businesses who are managing all the aspects of growing a business, employing staff and managing the day to day activities.

Services Professionals are experts in their field but the business side of growing the business can be challenging. Our Circles of Influence have specialists who can help with the business side. of growing an SME. 

The expertise include but are not limited to :

Business Development

Continuous Improvement and Change Management

Marketing skills 


Digital Marketing

Legal support

Information Technology

Sales skills, presentations & conversations

Delivery of Business Messages and Graphics

Marketing Tools – Photography, Video and Podcasting

Our Amplify Results Circles of Influence assists with referring the right Professional for the work to help your SME business  to get ahead.